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Alex Farfuri, an artist and photographer based in Tel Aviv, is renowned for her distinctive street photography, captured mainly through the lens of an analog camera and complemented by video snippets from her phone.

A self-taught photographer, she elevates the genre with aesthetic compositions and depths of color, walking a fine line between pathos and humor in her work. Alex seamlessly blends artistry with activism through her engagement in photojournalism, presenting her work in museums and galleries, offering a window into the authentic narratives she captures in the streets and beaches of Israel.


Recognized in 2018 by The New York Times and Haaretz as one of Israel's best street photographers, her work has been celebrated for its raw authenticity and the persistent fine balance it maintains. Beyond the confines of traditional art spaces, Alex leverages the immediacy and reach of social media as a platform to share her visual storytelling. Embedded within every frame is an undercurrent of activism. Alex's lens captures not only the beauty and complexity of humanity but also serves as a tool to shed light on social issues, sparking contemplation and dialogue.

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